African Chess Lounge’s Reuben Salimu and to transform chess education and competition

In a recent interview with Africa Chess Net, a sister company of Africa Chess Media, Reuben Salimu, the CEO of African Chess Lounge and, revealed a series of innovative initiatives designed to revolutionize the world of chess education and competition. These groundbreaking efforts aim to provide unprecedented opportunities for chess players across Africa and beyond, fostering skill development, exposure to high-level play, and access to world-class training resources.
Award-winning Chess Coach and African Chess Lounge CEO, Reuben Salimu
Weekly Online Tournaments Featuring Grandmasters and International Masters
At the heart of these initiatives lies the launch of weekly online chess tournaments, set to take place every Sunday at 8:30 PM South African time on the popular Lichess platform. These events will feature a time control of 5 minutes per player, striking a balance between accessibility and excitement for participants of all skill levels. What sets these tournaments apart is the impressive roster of elite players, with each event featuring at least six Grandmasters and two International Masters. This unique opportunity allows chess enthusiasts to test their skills against some of the world’s best, an experience that is both challenging and inspiring.
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Extensive Chess Training Resources and Personalized Coaching
In addition to the competitive aspect, Salimu has collaborated with David Newmonic of to create an unparalleled resource for chess education. Within the next two weeks, will unveil an extensive library of over 1000 hours of chess training material, crafted by a team of contracted Grandmasters. This wealth of knowledge will be made available to players across Africa and worldwide, providing a solid foundation for rapid improvement and growth in chess understanding and strategy.
The educational offerings extend beyond pre-recorded content, with set to provide personalized game analysis for tournament participants, live classes, and a comprehensive database of coaches catering to players of all levels. From beginners just starting their chess journey to advanced players rated 2200 and above, every chess enthusiast will have access to the guidance and support needed to excel in their game. This multi-faceted approach to chess education ensures that players can find the resources and coaching that best suit their individual needs and learning styles.
Inclusive Prize Structure Encouraging Participation and Growth
Salimu’s commitment to promoting inclusivity and growth in the chess community is evident in the tournament prize structure. Rather than focusing solely on the top finishers, the events will feature prizes for various rating categories, ensuring that players of all strengths have the opportunity to be rewarded for their efforts. The prize categories include Under 2400, Under 2200, Under 2000, Under 1600, and Under 1400, with a total prize fund ranging from $50 to $80 per week. By distributing prizes across a wide range of skill levels, these tournaments encourage participation and provide motivation for players to continuously improve their game.
Combating Cheating and Ensuring Fair Play
Recognizing the challenges posed by online chess, particularly in terms of cheating, Salimu and his team have taken proactive measures to ensure fair play in their tournaments. While the specifics of these measures were not disclosed in the interview, Salimu emphasized the importance of striking a balance between offering attractive prizes and minimizing the risk of cheating. By carefully auditing results and implementing anti-cheating measures, African Chess Lounge and aim to provide a level playing field for all participants, ensuring that the integrity of the competitions is maintained.
Streaming and Broadcast Across Multiple Platforms
To maximize the reach and impact of these initiatives, the team at African Chess Lounge and will be harnessing the power of multi-platform streaming. The tournaments will be broadcast on YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, Lichess, and other platforms, allowing chess enthusiasts from around the world to tune in and follow the action. The streaming coverage will feature live commentary and analysis from a panel of experts, enhancing the viewing experience for audiences and providing valuable insights into the strategies and decision-making processes of the players.
A New Era for African Chess
The launch of these groundbreaking initiatives by African Chess Lounge and marks a significant milestone for the chess community in Africa and beyond. By providing access to world-class training resources, elite-level competition, and personalized coaching, Salimu and his team are empowering chess players of all levels to reach new heights in their game. The inclusive prize structure and commitment to fair play ensure that these opportunities are accessible to a wide range of participants, fostering a vibrant and growing chess community.
As the weekly tournaments kick off and the educational resources become available, chess enthusiasts across Africa are buzzing with excitement. The chance to compete against Grandmasters, learn from expert-crafted training materials, and connect with a passionate community of fellow players is a dream come true for many. Through the tireless efforts of Reuben Salimu and the team at African Chess Lounge and, this dream is now a reality, paving the way for a new era of chess excellence and growth on the African continent and beyond.
As the initiatives continue to unfold, the chess world eagerly awaits the emergence of new talents, the forging of lasting friendships, and the celebration of the game’s power to unite, educate, and inspire. With African Chess Lounge and leading the charge, the future of chess in Africa looks brighter than ever, promising a thrilling journey of discovery, achievement, and camaraderie for players and enthusiasts alike.

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