Tunde Onakoya, the man of the moment, plays chess for 60 hours, breaking world record

He came, he saw and he checkmated!

Tunde Onakoya, the founder of the Chess In Slums initiative, has done what many people would have regarded as impossible. 58 hours of chess, the man has played 58 hours of non-stop chess. What an incredible achievement. It is such a massive achievement that it is also a Guinness World Record. He has broken a record that was previously set at 56 hours.

Tunde Onakoya, Founder of Chess In Slums Initiative and now World Record Holder for non-stop chess

He set this record by playing chess in the heart of Times Square for 58 hours of non-stop chess. You can imagine what the man went through to achieve it. The world of chess and the world in general, has been captivated by this man as he was sharing his experiences in New York. I don’t think many people took him seriously when he stated what he was looking to achieve, to set a world record in playing chess, but he has gone on to do it. 
It all starts with a dream, a vision and Tunde had a big one, a giant vision! 

Somebody posted on Facebook, fellow Nigerians if you are in New York on April 17. Let us support to the owner Korea to achieve his dreams. Please check his Facebook page for details. Nigerians heeded the call to support one of their own and chess lovers came in their numbers as well.

On the 12th of April, Tunde had had posted that, “On the 17th of April 2024, I will attempt to break the Guinness world record for the longest chess marathon right in the heart of Times Square in New York, for 58 hours without losing a game. Doing this for the dreams of millions of children across Africa without access to education. This is by far, one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. But one thing I know for sure, I will not be alone through it all. Need incredible support. Now more than ever to raise awareness and support for the incredible work we do. ”

Deep in thought, Tunde Onakoya. CREDIT – Facebook 

On his very first day, Tunde faced someone quite strong, a worthy opponent indeed. See below.
ours truly went through the game played by Tunde and Shawn Martinez and was impressed by Tunde’s technique.

Focused on the job at hand. Tunde Onakoya – Chess Master

Many people have been eagerly awaiting updates from Tunde as he took them through his journey in chess . The first day was several hours of chess. He posted about being 20 hours in and said 37 to go and he included the words we are getting closer, we’ll get the I see and feel all the support. Thank you. Thank you.

Tunde Onakoya in deep thought against Shawn Martinez. It is raining outside but the chess continues

Here was a man on a mission determined, and after the full day, it was acknowledged that he had played one full day of continuous chess in his attempt to break the Guinness world record for the longest chess marathon. That was basically a full day of chess with 37 hours still to go.

I had been following this story from a distance. But I did not think too much about this feat that this man had embarked on. And yet, last night, I saw the post we could see an emotional Tunde surrounded by people who are in awe with the exclamation, we have done it 58 hours of nonstop chess.

He said it was getting harder, and fatigue was naturally setting in. But one thing was clear: You would not stop. He would raise a million dollars and bring the gift of chess to children across the world. He urged his supporters to continue with their support.

Focus, determination and global coverage
Tunde was focused and determined and was getting coverage from news centres and broadcasting stations. After 43 hours, he just had 14 hours more to go. He acknowledged that he was tired, but he just had one feeling: gratitude, which was more overwhelming than anything his body was telling him. Then, he was going to cross the finishing line, him and his partner, US national master Shawn Martinez.

Global chess coverage and then a picture of Tunde feeling the love from everyone

The man of the moment
Tunde is the man of the moment. And congratulations and well wishes have been streaming in from his supporters and from around the world. The man has done something that many would have regarded as impossible. In his own acknowledgments, Tunde says dear Shawn, there is no world record without you. Together for 60 hours, we showed the world what true collaboration means, trumping competition. We picked each other up during tough moments, both mentally and physically. And you did it with so much grace. This is a public acknowledgement and gratitude to you my brother, congratulations on our shared achievement.

A warm embrace from two comrades united by their love for the game of chess and desire to transform lives. Shawn Martinez and Tunde Onakoya.

There is a man who started out with purpose and working with somebody who believed in his vision and dreams. They have accomplished something absolutely incredible. What a moment that will never be forgotten. The world of chess and the world at large!

The World record for non-stop chess has been broken! Things will never be the same again. 

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