Africa Chess Net

Africa Chess Net is the platform for chess players across Africa and friends of chess in Africa to tell their own stories so that they might inspire the next generation of chess players in Africa. The website will seek to capture the stories of current and previously active chess players in Africa. There is a great deal of chess talent in Africa.


There are many stories to tell about chess players in Africa.  In 2014 Kenny Solomon from South Africa finally became a Grandmaster.

Grandmaster (GM) Kenny Solomon
Grandmaster (GM) Kenny Solomon

Do you remember that Robert Gwaze from Zimbabwe once won a Gold Medal at the Chess Olympiad ahead of Garry Kasparov. Travel back in time to when then IM Robert Gwaze of Zimbabwe won the gold medal for his board one performance at the 2002 Chess Olympiad in Bled, Slovenia.


These are just some of the stories we plan to share and a whole lot more. There are many people involved in the game of chess, many unsung heroes,the chess administrators and chess organisers to mention but a few who make it possible.