Chess Legend Garry Kasparov turns 61

The great Garry Kasparov recently celebrated his 61st birthday on 13 April 2024.

There were many messages on social media celebrating Kasparov’s birthday, but the one we loved the most was posted by Susan Polgar. Below is a screenshot of the birthday message.

One thing I remember clearly about Kasparov’s birthday is that he was born on April 13th, 1963, a number that is also divisible by 13 and he was also the 13th Classical World chess champion.  I will never forget that bit about Garry Kasparov’s birthday. He is one of the best chess players ever, a true legend of the game of chess who has given chess players and fans so much to enjoy and celebrate and study about the great game of chess.

We wish Garry Kasparov many more years to come and of course lots of chess games and checkmates, in his favour! 

CREDIT: Susan Polgar

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