Staff update from African Chess Lounge

African Chess Lounge recently released a brief update via social media channels:
With expanding activities we have been working at making it easier to tackle tasks at hand and I thought it best to notify you of the changes so it makes interaction easier for us at ACL and anyone we work with .

Our new organizational structure is as follows


Board of Directors

Reuben Salimu
Beverly Blows
Jean Claude Barrish

Club Administration

Cosmas Mairosi – President
Reg Blows – Treasurer
Theresa Jaka- Secretary
Sai Giri- Events Coordinator
Bryan Aguirre – Players rep and Manager
Reuben Salimu – Head Coach
Daud Amini – Senior Trainer
Dione Goredema- Junior trainer
Nicholas Richard- Public Contact

Contact details for the various posts will be available on our site.

Congratulations and thank you to Cosmas Mairosi for taking the post of President of the club , you have been with us from the early days and someone with your administrative and activist background will bring the much needed presidential guide to the whole activity.

Kind regards
Reuben Salimu
African Chess Lounge

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