Grandmaster Vassily Ivanchuk loses a won position on time

Grandmaster (GM) Vassily Ivanchuk lost a game to a player was rated almost 300 points below him. He lost the game to International Master (IM) Ori KoBo from Israel at the Tradewise Gibraltar Masters tournament. The game was lost was under strange circumstances. Ivanchuk who was clearly better in his endgame position in Round 2  at the time forgot to write one of the moves and thought he had achieved the time control.
Vassily Ivanchuk’s scoresheet clearly showing the omitted move 24.

Its just shocking that this can happen to one of the best chess players and it’s very sad when a player loses a game this way. One person commented on Facebook: One day you win the World Rapid Chess Championship beating Magnus Carlsen, another you lose on time in a classical time against a 2500-rated opponent. Life!

There is certainly no chill on social media as evidenced by some of the comments on the Chess24 facebook page over the post around Ivanchuk’s game. One commentator weighed in with ” Just another day on the inexplicable Planet Chucky.

According to the Chess24 post on Facebook, Ivanchuk was devastated by this loss which will no doubt cost him some valuable rating points. Hopefully he can make a quick recovery.


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