Today I played a Super GM

How many of us have ever played a Grand master? OK, maybe a few. How about a Super GM? Here’s a riveting account by Prince Daniel Mulenga of Zambia about his encounter with a Super GM online. The result was very predictable but it was an experience he will never forget. Here is the story by Prince Daniel Mulenga (reproduced from his Facebook profile with kind permission!).

Prince Daniel Mulenga
Prince Daniel Mulenga

I have analysed both literally and virtually thousands of Super (>2700) GM games for the past 10 years and i have always been left in awe as to how beautiful and incredibly high their chess level is. I have always wished to play them in one way or another especially at World Chess Olympiads or World Chess Cup just to have a feel of their chess and today my wish was granted!!!

My day seemed to be heading in a very boring lane but before it could get any worse, I switched on my personal computer just to browse the internet as a way of killing time. I opened the following tabs on Chrome; facebook,, 2700chess, and, obviously one can see that Music, Chess and Social networking was my intended remedy to kill the seemingly boring day!

As I was multi-tasking on my pc, i could not believe what I saw on one of my tabs, to be specific, the King of “Internet Chess” had just logged in, in just nano seconds, i checked if he had started playing already owing to thousands of people wishing to play him on the site but i was surprised he was not. I immediately challenged him to a 3 minutes blitz game and to my Surprise, he accepted the challenge despite being 500+ points higher rated than me on the site, there i was with the white pieces against the King of Internet Chess who has practically demolished everyone who plays Blitz aswell as Bullet Chess on Internet for the past 15 years,from sites like Internet Chess Club( ICC), to but just before i could play 1.e4( my trusted move when am in a combat mood) the game got aborted due to my poor network.

Damn, this stupid african network!,I screamed. It just robbed me the chance to play against one of the worlds best. I tried checking once more if he had started playing some other users and to my surprise he was still not! At the speed of light, i jumped to my bed to grab my phone and hope to challenge him using the app which i almost always use when i want to play games on the site. I quickly logged in on my phone and challenged him and boom!, he accepted and the game started.

I swear I have never felt both powerless and hopeless in my entire chess life as I did today, this guy gave me no chance to show him what i can do over the board, he was brutally imposing his will on me, I tried to hold up his pressure on the board but it was too much and before long I resigned. In a blink of seconds, I asked for a rematch and he gladly accepted. This time I had black, we played a theoretical line and I was amazed at how quick and fast he was banging out theoretically best moves which I had studied over and over, his ideas, strategies, tactics and incredible time management was just too much for me to handle, i felt really hopeless and once more i had to bury my head in sand by pressing the resign button. 2-0 in less than 5 minutes? Not even 2600 GMs does that to me on the site, i play them everyday and i cant lie, i get beaten in a decent way but this guy was not beating me, he was smashing me left, right, in and out!! There was no fighting, he was savagery demolishing me, I was not playing chess but I was going down in flames like a city invaded by drones! He made it seem like I knew chess today.

To my amazement, I thought after smashing me that badly, he would stop playing me and go and seek better opposition but this guy was the one offering me a match in our third game! I was like,”what”? This guy has just demonstrated how weak my chess is and he still wants more? With false confidence, I accepted his challenge, this time convincing myself that I could fight better, I stayed composed and boom! I was the first one to launch an unjustified attack on his king, he took my material one after the other finding the best counter resource available till my material disadvantage proved decisive,I swear I have checkmated GMs before on the site in a Nezhimdtinov style but not this guy! He was able to defend like a machine, seeking active defence at every chance and he just seemed so rounded up on his game.

4-0 it was! Without a meaningful fight? This was not happening to me! 5-0 it became! At this point I just wanted to break my phone by throwing it away but I remembered it is one hell of an expensive phone!( LOL). You should have seen how my face changed using all the colours of the rainbow due to the intense and severe pain this guy was inflicting on a poor soul who happens to be a unique talent in his country! After beating me five straight, this guy still kept on challenging me for a rematch, it seemed like it was hell in a cell for the weaker me,those wrestling matches with no way out, my instincts told me to run for my life but somehow I convinced myself that,what use is living longer on earth as a coward? I better die young with bravery and courage attached to my coffin! So I picked myself up from his knock out blows, I was limping but still i was more than ready to give my all, if he meant to kill me, let him do it, I convinced myself, i was not scared anymore of his beatings, they had become too much hence i was getting immune to them!! ( LOL)!

6-0 it was and he logged out! What the hell just happened to me? I tried to check the kibitzers comments( people watching), I saw like a billion comments on our game! I play GMs, IMs and FMs on the site every day and I never have such a multitude of people watching me but this guy just seemed to draw thousands of people to watch him that is when reality dawned on me that i was playing the King of Internet Chess himself, the Super Grandmaster, former World Championship Candidate a few days ago, the Current World Number 6 “Classical Chess” (2787 Fide) and the Current United States Champion!!!!
Ladies and gentlemen, today I played GM Hikaru Nakamura!!!!! Such an experience i will never forget in my life!!!!

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Results of the games

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