Africa Chess Net launches its online blitz chess tournament

Africa Chess Net blitz
Africa Chess Net blitz

Africa Chess Net is delighted to announce its first online Blitz chess tournament. The first such tournament will be run on Saturday, 14 May 2016 on the platform. The tournament will start 7PM (Johannesburg time). We have been planning this tournament for some time now and finally this evening the dream will become a reality. This first tournament is a trial run to see if such tournaments would be popular with chess players on the continent. 

The top seed for the tournament at the time of writing was International Master (IM) Prince Daniel Mulenga of Zambia. His blitz rating is 2441. Prince Daniel Mulenga

The main idea behind the tournament is simply to promote chess in Africa. We hope that by running a few tournaments online we will get more people to play chess and those already playing chess to improve their skills. You prize fund for the first tournament is very small at only 30 US dollars. Prize money will be paid via PayPal. The aim is to grow the number of players who take part in this tournament and hopefully also increase the price.

Entry to the tournament is FREE. While anyone can take part in the tournament, the idea is to encourage African players to take part in their numbers. For now we can only accommodate a maximum of 50 players. The time control is 4 + 2 and there will be only one winner.  In the event of a tie on points the tie break rules are: Direct Encounter, then Sonnenborn-Berger and then Games played with Black.

Anyone can take part in the tournament but only African players are eligible for prizes.

To register for the tournament please click here

If you don’t have a account you can register for one here.


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