Tales from Mansa in Zambia #AfricaChess

By Prince Daniel Mulenga

When Fide Master Munenga Douglas was on his way to Mansa, he called CM PDM who was equally in transit asking him if he had heard of what the young Prodigy IM David Silva was doing to the Masters in Blitz who had already reached with him in Mansa, to which PDM confirmed that he had surely heard! FM Munenga then said if he ever meets the boy on the board be it Blitz or Classical, he would beat the boy so bad that he will make the boy change his name from Silva( Silver) to Bronze!

Little did our excited and confident FM know that the gods of the Angolan boy were listening and true to his wish, our FM was paired against the prodigy in round 2, Surprisingly, contrary to earlier rantings our FM made, he was the one who was made to lie down and receive sticks (Beatings)! Our FM was butchered so bad that he never gave any check despite having the White Pieces and the only move which crossed the other half was a theoritical opening move Qh5 in a Sicilian Sveshnikov! It was so bad that by the time our FM was resigning, he had 3 minutes left on the clock where as the boy had an amazing 53 minutes and this was a 60minute plus 20 seconds per move increment meaning the boy had only used 7 minutes for the entire game!

After the game, he was asked if he still felt Silva should be changed to Bronze to which he replied, ” umwayiche alechisa ayi, talentontokanya ayi, aleyibukishafye” Simply translated, ” the boy is beating, he is not thinking at all, he is only memorising”.

When IM Bwalya Gillian found David feasting on the gazelles present, he was told of the exceptional skills of the boy and soon enough, the IM stepped up to the Challenge saying his usual just like the Copper eagle “CHALATONA” (Blood will ooze)! When our IM wanted to put equal time, 3 minutes each, the young Angolan IM felt it was unfair and gave our Strong IM Zambia number 4 for that matter, time odds of 1 minute 30 seconds vs 3 minutes which was shocking to us the on-lookers, IM Bwalya Gillian popularly known as Captain Charlie proclaimed once more like a Jewish Prophet saying loudly “CHALATONA” but when they started playing, it was our IM who started bleeding! An hour later, our IM kept making the same proclamations yet the more he proclaimed the more he kept losing Blood but luckily, before he could be taken to Intensive Care Unit, Godwin Phiri a.k.a Masauko Masauko had already arrived and instead took over the pain of our IM.

When IM Silva had finished demolishing CM Luanja Geofrey at Blitz time odds of 1.20 against 3 on the first day of arrival (Thursday Night), IM Phiri Richmond, one of the Best Chess Players in the country both in Blitz and Classical stepped in for the challenge, those who had watched the boy demolish CM Luanja peaded with our IM to berg for conditions(time odds) but true to his title, his ego could not allow it so in no time, they started Blitzing each other in equal time but it did not take long before our IM was demolished 4-0 and as an excuse to escaping the pending ruthless murder from the boy, our IM said he be excused so that he gets money from his room but up to now, our IM has not come back suffice to say, he did not want to be near where the name Silva was mentioned the following days.

When the entourage of Lusaka based players arrived in Mansa led by CM Phiri Godwin a.k.a Masauko Masauko the Greatest Chess Player in the World, the first thing they did was rush to the playing hall to rescue the dying IM Bwalya who was on the verge of being admitted to Intensive Care Unit! When Masauko Masauko stepped in for the Challenge, there was jubilation from LPCA as they felt that at last the savior had come but little did they know that their Joy was short-lived! Masauko asked for time odds from the boy but informers quickly told the boy that this one is a fast and strong wild dog and that if he should be killed, the Lion (Silva) should show no mercy and should play at Full Strength!

However Silva is a merciful guy, he gave money odds this time, Masauko was putting K50 and him K100 ($5 against $10 with Double Option during Play) with equal time! The match exploded in no time with witchcraft like moves from both guys and true to his name, Masauko Masauko prevailed in the first games and made about K300 ($30) throwing the crowd into a frenzy! In no time, the boy was told to declare his financial muscle and put his dollars on the table to which he hurriedly went to his room and came back with a few notes of $50 and $100!

Seeing this, Masauko thought the gods love him very to gift him such money through IM David Silva but the gods are cleverer than us mortals! From the time the boy came back with his dollars, we never saw Masauko with a happy face again, his face quickly started experiencing different colours of the rainbow, red, indigo, violet, green, black, yellow etc! The beating became so bad that there was complete silence in the hall. His entourage could be seen shaking their heads, he was murdered, buried, resurrected and murdered again. In no time, his entourage started defecting to Silva like Cadres during a general election.

The suffering continued till the boy had had enough, it reached the point where even laughing or smiling as a spectator was seen as disturbing to Masauko, even playing songs on our phones was banned, Masauko complained that the noise from the songs was disturbing him yet in Lusaka they blitz at Night Clubs with songs playing in loud Juke Boxes. It was extermination of the highest order the boy did to our CM! Even when it was late(11 pm) and they had to play last 5 games, the boy did not show mercy but gave our CM 5-0! After experiencing this, Masauko had this to tell the boy, “Young man, I will make sure you don’t go back to Angola till you finish me”, though he was saying this with deep cuts on his face due to Ali Punches the boy gave him and blood all over!

Thank you for reading.

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