Banele Mhango wins Bronze at the African Youth Chess Championships

Africa has a new chess sensation in the form of South Africa’s Candidate Master (CM) Banele Mhango.

One of the players of the moment, Banele Mhango

The Young chess sensation Banele Mhango aged 14 from Mpumalanga received a hero’s welcome at Kruger’s Airport in Mpumalanga on the 13th of December. The chess player was just returning from the under 16 African Youth Chess championships where he came in third in a very strong field of Africa’s best junior chess players from across the continent.

Final standings from the tournament

It was with great excitement and expectation that fans and chess players alike were speculating on whether he could win the event towards the end. He showed his class and mettle in the very last round in which he sealed third place and got a much deserved Candidate Master title. At one stage Banele seemed to have decent chances of winning the gold medal. However he had a stumble towards the end as he lost some key games with four rounds to go but he will definitely take some consolution from his third place. Banele had to regain his composure so that he could have a strong finish and assure himself of a bronze medal in the prestigious tournament and he did just that.

He is the first player from Mpumalanga to have a chess title and will definitely be a player to watch in the years to come. His Province is really proud of his achievements in chess as social media was buzzing with his name.

Banele who plays under the username Banelevich has been a very active player on Africa Lichess events over the past few months and the games he played there will probably have contributed to getting him ready for event in Giza, Egypt.

Shortly after his arrival in Mpumalanga Banele was taken to Ligwalagwala radio station where he would be interviewed. Naturally everyone is keen to know how he achieved this incredible feat at the African Youth Chess Championships. He played really well in the event and he will be happy with his bronze medal and this incredible Milestone that many players can only dream of.

The Candidate Master Banele Mhango being interviewed at the Radio Station, Ligwalagwala FM

Once again congratulations to Banele. We at Africa Chess wish him the very best in his chess and we can’t wait to see where he is going to play next.

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