Skydeborov ‘The King of Sidelines’ wins July 2018 Africa Elite Grand Prix VI Brilliancy Prize

For the Just Concluded July 2018 , Africa Elite Grand Prix Arena Tournament, 4 Players submitted games they think qualifies for Brilliancy Award:

1. Keith Khumalo (@Gupta_Approach)

2. Debo Omosebi (@Skydeborov)

3. Emmanuel Nwala (@Poseout87)

4. Masiya Mfundo (@South African Cheetah)

The entries were carefully reviewed by our team of experts using the following parameters:

  1. Precision of play
  2. Forced moves
  3. Combinations
  4. Techniques deployed
  5. Idea behind plan
  6. Execution of the plan
  7. Quality of opponent

We are happy to announce Nigeria’s Omosebi Adebowale⁩ (@ Skydeborov) as the winner of the Prize money of $10 donated by Mr Seun Adelugba (@lugbaseun).

Congratulations to @skydeborov for the depth and creativity he put into the moves.

Summary of computer analysis is as posted below:
1. Gupta_Approach (2185) vs Attrition (2194)
Inaccuracies 2
Mistakes 3
Blunders 2
Average Centipawn loss : 66.
Rating Difference : +9 Elos.
2. Skydeborov (2356) vs Lethalsaint (2330)
Inaccuracies 1
Mistakes 0
Blunders 0
Average Centipawn loss : 26.
Rating Difference :-26 elos

  1. Poseout87 (2237) vs Vvageiro (2304)

Inaccuracies 1
Mistakes 3
Blunders 0
Average Centipawn loss : 31.
Rating Difference :+67 elos

  1. SouthAfricacheetah(2197) vs Jesselroy (2150).

Inaccuracies 5
Mistakes 3
Blunders 3
Average Centipawn loss : 79.
Rating Difference : -47 elos.

A general voting system by our members will be used in the impending August 2018 Brilliancy Award. Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments section.

Ajibade Olayemi

Ajibade Olayemi best known as Olarov in Africa Chess Cycle is a Passionate Chess lover and Promoter.

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