Africa Elite Arena 6, The Night the Stars Converge.

Event: Africa Grand Prix Elite Arena 6, 2018

Time Control: 3+0

Duration: 90 Minutes


Winner: IM Oladapo Adu (@Dapsay)

Points: 39

Date: 5th August, 2018.

Tournament Link: https:

Numbers of Participants: 43 Players, Over Titled Players.

“The game of chess is not merely an idle amusement. Several very valuable qualities of the mind, useful in the course of human life, are to be acquired or strengthened by it… For Life is a kind of Chess, in which we have often points to gain, and competitors or adversaries to contend with.” – Benjamin Franklin

The August Edition of Africa Elite Grand Prix Arena proudly sponsored by Avantline Design Limited, an Architectural Design, Construction and Project Management Company based in Lagos, Nigeria lived up to its bill as the strongest ever in the series.

Many of the Africa’s strongest Chess Men were around to battle for the lone crown.

And at the end of the intense battle, it was International Master Oladapo Adu(@Dapsay) that wore the crown.

Pre Move:

Chess Enthusiasts were informed of the acceptance to play the Elite Arena by some of the best Chess Men on the continents.

With this news is the anticipation that greeted the start of the tournament.

These top men were timely as almost all of them registered for the tournament early enough.

The New Inclusion includes ; IM David Silva (@Elmaestrods) from Angola, IM Fy Rakotomaharo (@IMFar) from Madagascar, IM Dapo Adu(@Dapsay),FM Adebayo Adegboyega (@Dabee).

The Opening

The first top game of the night saw the battle between two International Masters(IM) from Nigeria.

In a Chameleon Variation of Slav’s defence, IM Odion Aikhoje(@odirovski) Light Square Bishop(LSB) was too strong for black handled by IM Dapo Adu(@Dapsay) and the LSB delivered beautiful Bc6 Check which resulted in a win for @Odirovski.

Game Here:

Olympiad bound Zambian, CM-elect Prince Daniel Mulenga(@lethalsaint) also opened his night quest with a sweet victory over @Bitter_sweet.

In an almost equal middle game, @bitter_sweet made a blunder on move 25 with Re5 and the ‘lethal’ man quickly punished him to leave a bitter taste in the mouth of his opponent.

Game Here:

@dbestsmiles also had a brilliant start to the tournament by winning IM Bunmi Olape(@Micfel) in a scintillating handling of the Queens Gambit.

His well maneuvered Knight found a befitting place on f5 by move 23 to force immediate resignation from the IM as there was mate in few.

Game Here:

Im David Silva(@elmaestrods) quickly announced his presence in the Arena by dislodging two tournaments favourites(@Dabee and @Odirovski),

His first loss of the night came from a beautiful Bryne Variation of Pirc Defense by @Blizjouse1605 on the Black side.

A quick attack by @Blizjouse1605 left the Africa Blitz super power dazed and he quickly resigned on move 14 as the plunder of his campby @Blizjouse1605 left the IM’s arsenal badly depleted.

Game Here:

Other interesting results of the opening round includes Zambia @Jayjoster defeating IM @IMFAR, IM@Stuffings defeating CM @Candychessmaster.

The Middle Game

The middle game saw many of the top guys raking up points but it was @Lethalsaint that made the best use of the opportunities presented as he produced a superlative performance that saw him dominate the top position for close to an hour, a no mean feat.

His best win of the night was against @Odirovski in a game that can best be described as a flurry of errors.

Game Here:

However, IM@Dapsay kept up the pressure before he eventually overtook @Lethalsaint towards the closing minutes of the tournament.

One of his beautiful games of the night is found below.

The End game

IM David Silva was the best Performer for the night with a Performance rating of 2575.

However, his over 20 minutes break from the event to fix his internet got him stuck in the fourth position.

Enjoy one of his beautiful wins here:

CM Charles Hapaku @Hapaku24 had a great tournament making top 10 for the first time.

His best win of the night was against CM@Banelevich of South Africa.

Game Here:

In ninth Position is IM @Micfel . Joining @Hapaku24 in top 10 for the first time. His best win was against IM@Stuffings.

Game Here:

The eight position was occupied by the Zambian Jayjoster. In the game below, he wriggled out of a slightly bad position to win IM @Odirovski.

Game Here:

The Reward of his performance in the night is a top 10 Position.

IM@Odirovski had his worse finish in An Africa Elite Grand Prix Arena at 7th Place.

This was not without flash of brilliance from the highly revered International Master.

In the game below, he went toe to toe with Tournament’s favourite IM David Silva (@elmaestrods) and secure a convicing win against the chess prodigy from Angola.

Game Here:

CM Banelevich ended the tournament in sixth Position and the Berserk Master @Gupta_Approach ended in fifth position.

IM David Silva came fourth after his break within the tournament.

The Top 3 positions were deservedly occupied by@dbestsmiles in third Position. @Lethalsaint tied on points at first position but IM@Dapsay was rawarded the first position based on his better Tournament Performance.

It was a night when points were so scarce to gained as four(4) players ended with no points.

IM@Imfar,IM@Stuffings, IM@Jethro07, FM@Dabee, @Skydeborov have disappointing finish as they couldn’t make top 10 .

And when there was constellation of stars, the very experienced IM Dapo Adu shone brightly to win the tournament.

Congrats to ‘King’ Dapsay on his Maiden win.

Tournament Summary showed:

Average Rating: 2225

Games Played: 270

Moves Played: 21,323

White Wins: 48%

Black Wins: 43%

Draw: 9%

Berserk rate 15%

Below is the list of the top ten (10) finishers of the tournament and the countries they represent:

Africa Elite Grand Prix Arena Top Ten (10)

  1. Dapsay Nigeria 39 Point
  2. Lethal Saint Zambia 39 Points
  3. Dbestsmiles Nigeria 37Points
  4. Elmaestrods Angola 35 Points
  5. Gupta_Approach South Africa 33 Points
  6. Banelevich South Africa 30 Points
  7. Odirovski Nigeria 29 Points
  8. Jayjoster Zambia 27 Points
  9. Micfel Nigeria 26 Points

10.Hapaku Zambia 25Points

We expect an even more interesting event this week as more of the Africa’s Chess Elite will be participating.

We thank all you that always take your time to watch the games live.

Prizes sponsored by Avantline Design Limited.

Avantline Design Ltd is an architectural design and Design and Build company based in Lagos State, Nigeria

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