SA Closed Chess Championships 2015 start on 12 December! #SAClosed2015

The most prestigious chess tournaments on the South African  calendar will be starting on 12 December and will end on 22 December. The tournament will be played at the  hotel in Cape Town and will feature the best South African male and female chess players.

SA Closed participants

The defending Men’s Champion is International Master (IM) Donovan van den Heever from Western Province while the defending Women’s Champion is Women International Master (WIM) Denise Frick, also from Western Province.

Tournament rules and time controls

All Sections
Time Control 90:90 for the first 40 moves, then 30 minutes extra for the rest of the game with 30 second increment per move starting from move 1.  Because of the 30 second increment per move Article G of the Laws of Chess does not apply. Players must notate every move, regardless of the times displayed on their clocks. Players will not be allowed to have their cell phones or any other electronic equipment with them in the defined playing area but may hand it to the arbiter before the start of the game.

A player wishing to lodge an appeal against a ruling of an arbiter must do so in writing no later than 30 minutes after the games of that round has ended. Appeals submitted after this time will not be entertained.

Tie Break
The following tiebreak systems (in the order given) will be used to determine the final placing of players ending on the same score.

  • Direct encounter
  • Sonneborn-Berger
  • Koya
  • Most number of wins
  • Most number of black wins

The top 2 players (places), as per the final results and the current Selection Policy of CHESSA in the A Section will automatically qualify for the SA Olympiad Team that will participate in the 2016 FIDE Olympiad to be held in Azerbaijan.

Arbiters and Fide Laws
Please refer to the FIDE Laws of Chess which will be sent by Chief Arbiter. Players will have a 30 minute leeway after the scheduled time. The arbiter will thereafter default the player unless the Chief arbiter decides there are extenuating circumstances. The title and norm requirements will be posted on Chess SA website once the final field is known.

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