Battle of Generations on Lichess, Monday 8 Jan 2018, PDM vs Dapsay

Editor’s note: The cage match between Prince Daniel Mulenga (PDM) and International Master (IM) Oladapo Adu (Dapsay) on lichess promises to be an explosive encounter between two highly tactical and combative players who love to go on King hunts in their games. These two players though their playing styles have some similarities, their personalities could not be more different. Dapsay is a man of very few words. When he weighs in during a discussion you can be sure his words have been very carefully considered. PDM on the other hand is a master at starting discussions and debates of all sorts and he is one the forces behind the huge number of chats in the Africa Lichess Events group. Prince’s handle on Lichess is Tactinhos2900 while Adu’s handle is Dapsay. Tonight’s match should be a thriller and certainly one not to be missed. The cage match is a brutal format because if one is in poor forms, results will quickly betray the state of affairs as one of the players runs away with the match.

Match details:

Players: Tactinhos2900 vs Dapsay
Time: 1800 hrs to 2000 hrs Central African Time
Time Control: 3+2

Below is a note by PDM regarding the upcoming match today.

International Master (IM) Oladapo Adu from Nigeria

By Prince Daniel Mulenga

In the wake of many challenges that has been happening on Li Chess African Group, amongst notable ones being that of Prince Daniel Mulenga vs Joseph Mwale, also Prince Daniel Mulenga vs Harold Wanyama, the latest on the scene now is between Candidate Master Prince Daniel Mulenga from Zambia vs International Master Oladapo Adu from Nigeria!

This match is unique not because of rivaly unlike other matches in the past due to the nature of opponents involved! It is a match between Youth vs Experience! Prince Daniel Mulenga is a promising Zambian Talent who is on the rise where as Oladapo Adu is an experienced player who has been competing for a long time, to an extent, long enough before his opponent started even talking as a baby!

Another interesting feature about this match is that the players have both an interesting yet similar styles of play, AGGRESSION with the Nigerian being on the brutal side! Their styles of play is something spectators can look forward to watch with great anticipation and excitement!

The match itself will be played on Monday 8th of January 2018 under standard Fide Blitz time controls of 3+2 on from 6pm to 8pm Central African Time!

This Match has been highly anticipated as due to the fact that the youth feels the time of the experienced is long gone and will be looking forward to prove why Chess is becoming a young generation sport and on the other hand, the experienced will be looking forward to prove why knowledge and experience is key and should not be taken for granted and should be treated with respect! All in all, the match will be watched by a thousands of African Chess Players online!

Bruce Mubayiwa

I am the founder and editor of Africa Chess Net. I have been playing chess for over 25 years and love writing about the game. Our goal is simple, to get more people playing chess in Africa! The game of chess is not only absorbing but a great deal of fun.

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