A chance for chess coaches to earn money with Africa Chess Net

If you are a chess player and a chess coach you might be interested in. We are inviting African Chess coaches who are active in our Africa Chess Tournaments on Lichess and part of the Africa lichess events social platforms to register and be informed when somebody is in need of coaching.

We are getting quite a lot of requests for online chess coaching and we would like to reward the community of players who have been supporting us from the onset.

Using one of the pages on our website we will pick up basic information about the player or student such as the name or national rating, email address country and which part of chess they need help with. We will then forward this information to chess coaches registered on a database.

We request the following info:

  • Name(required)
  • FIDE or National Rating
  • Email(required)
  • Country(required)
  • Contact number (including country code)
  • Do you have Whatsapp
  • Do you have a good internet connection
  • Which part of the game do you need help with?(required)

What are the requirements 

To be an Africa Chess Online Coach you will need a Lichess Account, be an active Africa Chess groups member and satisfy the following requirements:

1) You are a member of our Whatsapp Africa Lichess events group
– https://chat.whatsapp.com/3Y27ANXEYM7KfyNDbRkBNG

2) You are a member of our Facebook Africa Lichess events group
– https://www.facebook.com/groups/AfricaChess/

3) You are a fan of the Africa Chess Net Facebook page

4 You subscribe to our website http://www.AfricaChess.Net and mailing list

5) You are active in our Lichess Tournaments ( you play at least 1 Lichess game in the Africa Chess Arena a week)

What will it cost you

As an Africa Chess Online Coach you agree to pay 15% of ALL your fees to Africa Chess Net if you secure the student. We will help you get the clients.

Remember that there is no guarantee you will secure the business as you will need to compete with other coaches 

In the event that you are added to our database of coaches and it turns out that you don’t actually meet one or more requirements we reserve the right to terminate your membership to Africa Chess Online Coaches.

Next steps

If you are a Chess coach who meets the requirements, please fill out the form

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