Banele Mhango vs FM Dante Beukes Africa Chess Cage Match

Banele Mhango AKA Banelevich on Lichess

Banele Mhango aka Banelevich from South Africa has convincingly beaten FM Dante Beukes aka Pawnwonder from Namibia in a rather one-sided Match.

The two talented 14-year-olds took centre stage in an Africa Chess Cage Match hosted on LiChess with a new format which included 6 games each of the following formats and time controls: 3+2 Blitz , 2+2 Blitz ,1+1 bullet and 5 games of 3+2 chess 960.

Banele took the lead early in the 3+2 portion of the Match scoring 5 – 1 almost a perfect score. This was definitely a blow to the young Namibian but he kept his cool when most players would crack.

In the 2+2 portion the Fide master was hitting hard but Banele managed to get some wins from very bad positions to score 3 – 3.

In the 1+1 portion the Fide master was yet again hitting hard but losing at critical stages of time trouble giving Banele a 4-2 win.

The chess 960 was fairly even and well played from both sides and they shared the spoils in a 2.5-2.5 draw.

This means the match ended 14.5-8.5 in Banele’s favour in a match that was a bit closer than the scoreline says.

Namibia’s Fide Master Dante Beukes who is known as FM Pawnwonder on Lichess

FM Dante Beukes had this to say about the Match: “I am just disappointed that I could not convert my winning games and well done to Banele for swindling those games. The score does not do me justice but that is no excuse. Sorry for not making it look more close.”

Banele Mhango said: “It was a good match I had control from the start he was suffering on 3+2 but he came back in the bullet portion (1+1) but I fought to keep control. The chess960 (3-2) was even”

We wish the best of luck to the two African Talents as Banele heads into the African Youth Chess Championships on the 2nd of December and FM Dante Beukes plays the Africa Chess Lounge in Cape Town at the start of December and also the African Amateurs in Zambia in the U2300 section which starts on the 9th of December.

Thanks to our Future GMs for entertaining us for 3 hours.

Congrats to Banele to winning the match.

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