Announcing Online Chess Cage match between Zambia’s PDM and GM Fear

Africa Chess Net is delighted to announce the Cage match on Lichess between Zambia’s Candidate Master (CM) Prince Daniel Mulenga (PDM) and Malawi’s Top chess player Joseph Mwale also known as GM Fear. The two players will clash in a blitz match that will have a time control of 3+2 and will be played over 90 minutes. That will be a lot of chess. The match will start at 1820 hrs to 1950 hours Central African Time (CAT). You will be able to follow the match on Lichess or via the Africa Chess Net Facebook page.

Prince Daniel Mulenga of Zambia


File picture of KZN Open Champion Joseph Mwale

Below is a post on Facebook by Prince Daniel Mulenga.


Dear Chess Friends,
This evening, i have the priviledge of playing a “Cage Match” on with the Highest rated Chess Player from Malawi Joseph Jose Wang Hao Mwale who is based in South-Africa!

The Cage match will be sponsored by Africa Chess Net which has extreme passion for Chess and which has been making strides to promote the game on our continent!

The Match will be for 1hr.30minutes and will be from 1820hrs to 1950hrs Central African Time! The time control for the match will be Standard Fide Blitz time control of 3+2 minutes!

The Match will be broadcast Live here on Facebook and will do my best in Sharing it! For those who wish to follow the games live from the site, you can simply search(After Signing up if you don’t have an account already) for “tactinhos2900” username for PDM or “Josefear5″username for Joseph Mwale and click on “Follow”, you will be able to watch all the games as they happen during the match!

It will be my pleasure to play the most celebrated Malawian Chess Player, Chatonda wa Chatonda! I believe to do my best in making the match interesting!

Thank you for reading!
Kind regards, Prince!

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