Zimbabwe Bullet Chess Tournament on Lichess is announced

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Today is a big day for Zimbabwean chess following the announcement of the Zimbabwe Bullet Chess Tournament on Lichess.

After Africa Chess Net launched the online chess tournaments in South Africa the focus quickly moved to Zimbabwe and we are now delighted to announce that Zimbabwe has its very own online chess tournament which will run on 25 January 2018.

With the help and assistance of tireless chess promoter and organiser in Zimbabwe, Siza Masuku, we were able to finalize the details around the online chess tournament within a matter of days.  Commenting about online chess Siza had this to say, “Online chess is the way to go ,it removes huge barriers and obstacles ,reduces costs. It can be played anywhere, it’s just your data bundles. We are waiting for the launch in Zimbabwe.”

We initially thought that the very earliest this tournament would happen was in February or March but Siza brought great energy and a sense of urgency into the project Once we started working together we realised with his quick turnaround that this tournament could actually happen in January and that’s exactly what is going to happen.

The country has many chess players and we hope that online chess tournaments will provide another way for them to enjoy the game. Over the past few months I have seen more and more Zimbabwean players taking part in our lichess tournaments and now there will be a tournament that is focused on Zimbabwe.

Who knows what the future will host with initiatives like this. We have seen over the years and traditional chess tournaments are the best but it is not always easy for players to attend these for one reason or another. Technology has opened up a lot of possibilities for us. The open source chess platform Lichess has been a dream come true for us at Africa Chess Net. We came across a quality website which was available at no cost to our chess players and one of the beauties of the website is that it did not have any annoying ads. So Lichess from the onset has been our platform of choice for all our tournaments.

The goal at Africa Chess regarding online chess is quite simple. We want to be running online chess events in every single country from Cape to Cairo. As the internet becomes cheaper and faster, this is becoming easier. As more people have smart phones it is indeed possible for them to play in chess tournaments from wherever they might be. Now that Zimbababwe has come on board, we will see how often we can run this tournament. We will probably start by running it once a month and if that works well, we will increase the frequency to say once every two weeks and then we will try to push for a tournament at least once a week.

Now imagine if we are running an online chess tournament for every country in Africa every single week. How many people are we going to have playing chess on our continent. Think about that for a minute. If you find some time one of these days join us for a game in our daily Africa Chess Arena Tournaments on Lichess.

The online #AfricaChess Revolution continues!

Bruce Mubayiwa

I am the founder and editor of Africa Chess Net. I have been playing chess for over 25 years and love writing about the game. Our goal is simple, to get more people playing chess in Africa! The game of chess is not only absorbing but a great deal of fun.

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