Watu Kobese investing heavily in the future of chess in South Africa

South African chess legend, International Maseter (IM) Watu Kobese is working hard with some of the top junior talent. This can only augur well for the future of chess in South Africa. Kobese has vast international and local experience in the game and he is passing this to delighted juniors at the Kobese School of Chess. Kenny Solomon, South Africa’s first Grand master has been lavish in his praise of Watu Kobese and the role the man played in his journey to become achieve the title.

Some of South Africa’s elite Under 12 to Under 16 juniors are  working hard at the Kobese School of Chess hosted by African Chess Lounge . These players include Jamie Sulcas, Naseem Essa, Seth-Riley Adams, Jack van Zyl -Rudd, Paul Gluckman, Keegan Agulhas, Daniel Barrish, Chris Kolver and Hishaam Essop.

Watu Kobese and some really lucky juniors in Cape Town
Watu Kobese and some really lucky juniors in Cape Town

According to the founder and Chief Executive Officer Reuben Salimu, these talented juniors are from all over South Africa. The African Chess Lounge by making a coaching platform available is also playing a massive role in the advancement of chess, not just in South Africa but Africa as a whole.

On day Day 2 of Kobese School of Chess the juniors were given a  history lesson by Candidate Master Lyndon Bouah. Lyndon is a very busy man but when it comes to the game of chess, he tries to make time for it. He is also the Chief Director of Sport and Recreation for the Western Cape Provincial Government

Below the players are pictured with their favourite world champions.

Day 2 Kobese School of Chess. Players with their favourite World Chess Champions
Day 2 Kobese School of Chess. Players with their favourite World Chess Champions

On day 3, International Master Mohamed Henry Steel was on hand to assist Kobese. Having other players with great experience adds variety and flavour to the offering at the Kobese School of Chess. Kobese is one of the most experience players in South Africa and it says a lot that he invites other players, rivals include to present his school of chess.

According to seasoned player David Gluckman these chess camps are a great way to learn the game. He adds that it would be great to have camps in Pretoria and Port Elizabeth as well. A similar training camp for the very best SA girls would also be a great initiative. The Kobese School of Chess is aimed at producing future grandmasters. To this end only the very top in age groups U12 to U18 based on CHESSA ratings plus the SA Junior Closed champions were invited. 12 players were invited to this first edition of whom 9 accepted.

Seeing as the South African Junior Closed is coming up in a few months in April, this training camp with Watu Kobese will prove most useful to the juniors. Viva Africa Chess. Thank you Watu and your team.

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