Reuben Salimu, the chess coach who trains chess champions

Western Province is one of the strongest chess provinces in chess. How do they do it. Here is a post I saw from a very grateful chess parent on Facebook. I know the chess coach Reuben Salimu. He takes commitment and dedication in chess to a whole new level.

Student and coach
Master coach and champion student

The post from the parent was:

After a very long week of chess tournaments, I want to acknowledge a special coach who always go beyond the call of duty to ensure his students are prepared and ready for battle.
From myself and the boys, thank you for your ongoing advice, support, time and motivation during the SAJCC, the Wildcard event and throughout the year.
The life of a chess coach is not an easy one – we acknowledge and appreciate all you do for the chess children. Thank You!

Dissecting positions Motivating the kids Rapid tourney



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