Nigeria’s Ogunsiku Babatunde Appointed CEO of Africa Chess Companies

Ogunsiku Babatunde (Othims) CEO of Africa Chess Net and Africa Chess Media

After a few years of working with Ogunsiku Babatunde from afar, I realized that we shared the same ideology and we both have the vision to develop the Africa Chess Industry, which brought us to the development of the following entities: Africa Chess Pty Ltd (Africa Chess Company) and the Africa Chess Media Company Pty Ltd

And then, the Africa Chess Online Foundation.

Africa and the world at large have seen his effect as the CEO Africa Chess Media, in just a few months. As such, I strongly believe he would take the Africa Chess Company to the point where we are affecting lives in every nook and crannies of the continent and bring the world to Africa.

For these reasons, I would like to announce to Africa and the world that the new CEO of Africa Chess Company, taking Africa to the next level will be none other than Ogunsiku Babatunde (Othims), my co-founder, brother and friend.

In light of this announcement, I will also like to announce that Olayemi Ajibade (Olarov) will retain his position of Business Development Executive of Africa Chess Company, and he would work directly with Ogunsiku Babatunde on the development of the both the Africa Chess Company and the Africa Chess Media Company. For these work, he retains a percentage of the company, which has been discussed and agreed with him.

Going forward, all other appointments will be made by the CEO, whereas, the development and evolution of the Africa Chess Companies will be his sole responsibility to bring the best out of and connect Africa Chess to the World at large.

We sincerely appreciate every single African and supporters of Africa out there, who have supported us to come this far, and achieve this much, in such a short time. We hope to keep bringing you best practices and developing chess on the continent, even after we produce a World Champion!
Gens Una Sumus!!

Bruce Mubayiwa
Co-Founder and Chairman

Africa Chess Pty Ltd
Africa Chess Media Pty Ltd
Africa Chess Online Foundation


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