Lichess Hosts biggest Titled Arena in April 2018


The April Edition of Lichess Titled Arena will take place 12th April, 2018 by 1900 UTC.

The prize pool is $3,200.

With 1st to take $2250, 2nd $500, 3rd $200, 4th $125, 5th $75, 6th $50 making for the best Prize fund spread ever.

The lichess titled Arena is open to FIDE Titled Players from around the world with verified user account on

Lichess Champ GM Penguingim1 with a Current Lichess rating of 2854 and other top GRANDMASTER’s are presently registered for this month’s   epic battle online. Other top chess players around the world are expected to join up to make it the biggest online chess show on earth.

The appetite for online chess viewership is becoming high as some of the games played in the last Titled Arena have over 2000 online viewers watching and making comments on some games played.

The rank of participants has been swelling since the first edition where the reigning world chess Champion Magnus won.

Carlsen with username Drdrunkenstein has dominated the previous 3 editions hosted. Though not with a flawless victory as he lost few games along the way.

The two(2) Hours bullet event has a time control of 1+0 and this 60 seconds gave the top guys a lot of time to berserk(a special effect on tournaments that allowed you to half your allotted time to the full time of your opponents) many of the participants thereby providing more fun.

The third edition dubbed the strongest field ever has 188 participants and 31 of them are GRAND MASTERS.

Many players streamed the games live on their channels.

It is exciting to know that GM Daniel Naroditsky (the American chess prodigy) with username RebeccaHarris has an impressive 3 wins out of 6 games against Magnus Carlsen to come second with 137 points.

(insert Daniel Naroditsky picture)

In the third Position was IM Vincent Rothuis with username IM Operwezen with 124 points.

As done with previous Titled Arena, GM Magnus Carlsen donated his winnings of $1500 to the pool to make this month’s edition even bigger.


The question on the lips of everyone is ‘will anyone take this edition number 1 spot from Maggie”? Only time will tell.

March’s 2018 Titled Arena Standings can be viewed  at :

Lichess an open source free chess server has over 20million games completed for March, 2018 and monthly increment is expected.

We believe that the April 2018 edition will provide even more exciting times and will be there to give you the update.




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