Chess Grand master Maurice Ashley has the moves, on the dance floor!

Grand master Maurice Ashley is not only the greatest promoter in chess but also one of the best chess commentators in the world. I can’t think of many people who have done as much as he has to promote our game of chess over the years.  He has been there is some of our most pivotal moments in the game, like the match between Former World Chess Champion Garry Kasparov and IBM’s Deep Blue in 1997 in which Kasparov. Maurice is also one of the names behind the Richest open in the history of chess, the Millionaire Chess Open.

Come to think of it, Maurice seems to excel in everything he does. He is a world class speaker and has inspired many audiences by sharing his experience and knowledge in the game of chess. Don’t be fooled by his lack of activity as a player. He is no slouch in a game of blitz at all. Obviously his playing days are well behind him as he is now retired but Maurice has been tireless in promoting the game of the chess and his exploits have taken him across the world.

Moves on the dance

However, in addition to all his talents, he also has the moves on dance floor.  He seems like a real natural here. I was told some years ago about the grand master’s dancing talents and it did not take too long for me to see this myself on the sidelines of the World Chess Championship in New York in 2016.  Maurice came along as a guest on one of the days and afterwards there was a party.

Here is a video of the grand master showing what he can do on the dance floor in a recent video that he posted on Facebook.  Check him out.

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