Dr Lyndon Bouah and Dr Shabier Bhawoodien Crowned Co-Champions at The SA Seniors Closed Chess Championship 2024

The 2024 South African Closed Chess Championship concluded in the senior section, as Candidate Master (CM) Dr Lyndon Bouah and Fide Master (FM) Dr Shabier Bhawoodien emerged as joint winners. The two chess veterans, both based in the Western Cape, finished the tournament undefeated with an impressive 8.5 points each, proving their dominance over the chessboard.

From left to right, Mark Lewis, Dr Lyndon Bouah, Dr Shabier Bhawoodien, Justin Wilken and Alister Metcalfe. CREDIT – Facebook, SA Chess Players

Despite the tournament’s tie-break system, which considered the results of players in the same point group, Bouah and Bhawoodien remained inseparable. Their final-round encounter ended in a draw, solidifying their shared victory. Justin Wilken secured the third position with 7.5 points, closely followed by Alistair Metcalfe with 7 points and Mark Lewis with 6.5 points.

The senior section of the championship ran concurrently with the SA closed, open, and women’s championships, showcasing the depth of chess talent in South Africa. The Western Cape, in particular, demonstrated its prowess not only at the junior level but also among the seasoned players.

Doctors Bouah and Bhawoodien are regarded as legends in the chess community. They have dedicated many years to the game. Their passion for chess has been evident throughout their illustrious careers, and their shared victory at the 2024 SA Closed Chess Championship further cements their status as two of the country’s most accomplished players.

Co-winners Dr Lyndon Bouah and Dr Shabier Bhawoodien with Mark Lewis, who was in 5th place. CREDIT – Facebook, SA Chess Players

As the chess community celebrates the achievements of these remarkable individuals, the Western Cape can take pride in the success of its players across all age groups. The 2024 SA Closed Chess Championship has undoubtedly set the stage for an exciting future in South African chess, with Doctors Bouah and Bhawoodien leading the way as inspirational figures for aspiring players nationwide.

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