CHESS SOUTH AFRICA relaunches website #AfricaChess

A snapshot of the CHESS SOUTH AFRICA website

CHESS SOUTH AFRICA recently launched their new website. The new website went live on the 1st of August 2017. The launch of the new website came after a few weeks of intensive work behind the scenes to upgrade various aspects of the website.

Rewrite of queries on the website

Talking about the website, the website administrator and manager, Gunther van den Bergh, remarked that all queries on the website had been rewritten to be faster and to have a more efficient website. The previous website had at times been sluggish and slow in responding to queries. The website has a cleaner and more streamlined look. The launch of the new website should augur well for chess in South Africa.  The website plays a very important part in the online positioning of CHESS SOUTH AFRICA and it one of the first things that a person online sees when they google chess South Africa.

The most current content and articles are shown on the home page when you visit the website so you don’t miss out on any news. This helps you to stay in the loop with what’s happening in South African chess.

Interesting statistics about chess players in South Africa

Some interesting statistics can be gleaned on the home page of the CHESS SOUTH AFRICA website. Visitors to the website will get a snapshot of the number of active chess players in South Africa on the home page. At the time of writing this article, there were 12955 active chess players in South Africa with a massive 74 percent of the players being male at 9573. Total female players are 3,382 making up 26 percent of total chess players. Juniors make up almost 90 percent of chess players registered on the website, adults constitute 9 percent and seniors make up just 2 percent.

New design with mobile devices in mind

The new website was designed mainly with tablets and laptops in mind he added. The new website also works well with the latest smartphones which have bigger and higher resolution screens as opposed to the older smart phones with had smaller screens with lower resolution.

Where necessary the information being shown on certain parts of the website has been extended and some parts of it made available for download.

Well received by the chess players 

The new website design has been well received by South African chess players. Initial comments from some members of the South African chess community showed that they were very impressed with the new website.

Take a look

You can view the new Chess South Africa website at CHESS SOUTH AFRICA . If you like what you see with the new design are share the news with the wider chess community.

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