Avantiline Design Limited: Taking African Chess into the Future.

Avantiline Design Limited, the sole sponsor for the foremost Africa Elite Chess Online Blitz Tournament: Avantiline-Africa Chess Elite Arena (ACE), has announced more support to the company.

In an announcement from Avantiline Design Limited, by the Managing Partner (MP), Architect Bimbo Fajemirokun, he mentioned that in addition to the prize pool being afforded the top three (3) players at the end of the month, in support of Africa Chess Elite Grand Prix, a further $10 prize will be paid to each of the top three (3) players, via crypto-currency in any crypto-wallet of their choice.

They have also promised to make provision for a further $10 worth of crypto-currency for each of the other members of the top ten (10) in subsequent months in the same manner. This means that the prizes are now covering all the top ten (10) players of our Elite Arena.

Avantiline Design Limited is scoring what must be a first in chess and in this uncharted sphere, as they will be launching Africa chess to the potential filled world of Crypto-currency, perhaps making it the norm of settling prize funds.

Crypto-currencies like Bitcoin, Etherium, Ripple and others are fast becoming a better means of exchange as the world is fast becoming a global community, and another fact about them is that they can cost way less in sending money across the world as they remain unaffected by exchange rates.

They also mooted the idea of having a bigger PHYSICAL Elite Arena in December, 2018, which would set the tone for an awesome 2019, if it does happen.

This promises to be exciting.

Avantiline Design Limited is a foremost Architectural Design and Construction company in Africa and they are based in Lagos, Nigeria, but with Capacity to deploy their services and resources all over the world.

You can visit their website www.avantiline.com for more details on their services and Projects.

We at Africa Chess Proprietary Limited are grateful to Avantiline Design Limited for this great support and partnership to take Africa Chess to greater heights.

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