Andrew Kayonde wins 6th Zambian National Chess Championship #AfricaChess

IM Andrew Kayonde

News just in from Zambia is that International Master Andrew Kayonde has  won his 6th National title in Chess. Khisho wrote the following about: Andrew Kayonde has now won the Zambian National Chess Championship on 6 occasions. He first won it in 2009, then in 2010 before breaking in 2011 and 2012. Despite equally gifted players like Chumfwa, Chitumbo, Bwalya, Jere etc, running behind his heel, he has been clinging on the hot burning trophy since 2013. This is brilliant.

In his words that he shared some time back Andrew had this to say about chess, “I do not know what your talent is. Whatever it is, work at it with all your might. Mine is chess – the battle of the minds as I like to think about it. With God as my strength, I shall work to position myself as one of the best players in the WORLD.”

Moses, a member of the Whatsapp Africa Chess News Group commented that what Kayonde was achieving in Zambian chess was incredible. “Kayonde. You are the man. Its not easy to be consistent in chess the way you have done.  Being on top of all those International Masters (IM) in ZAMBIA is not easy. How I wish you come to Malawi one day and play with our own Razorblade, Great Finisher and Kaspa. I used to respect Godwin and Chitumbo after demolishing all so called weak Candidate Masters (CMs). This time our GF and Razor are more than ready to test you in competitive games. We are hoping to have one on July this year.”

Acknowledging the comments and tributes in Africa Chess News social media group on Whatsapp, Andrew Kayonde spoke about how tough it was to maintain a balance ” Thank you everyone! I thank God for according me the privilege to continue to be at the front line of Zambian Chess in spite of all the pressure I am going through combining intense work and marriage preps. Will continue to work hard and represent Zambia in the best way I can.”

Someone added in the discussion about Andrew’s achievement: I used to think Andrew was just mediocre back in the days..But now am convinced he is one of the finest African players to emerge from Zambia. Congrats IM…We await for your GM status.

Yet another player recounted how he had been impressed by Andrew when they met years back. ” I remember years back during his high school oment(kayonde) I used to hear his name a lot and happened to meet him by him when he was going 2 play 4 inter-province chess.We played a game or 2 the night. Wow, he was brilliant. I told him to continue for he was destined for glory and I was right. Congratulations Andrew!”

Once again congratulations to Andrew Kayonde. We continue to follow this career with great interest. Zambia is a country with very strong chess players, seeing how much they dominate chess tournaments in Southern Africa. One can only imagine how strong you would need to win their title 6 times.

In 2016 we published an article about the rise of Andrew Kayonde. Here is that article –

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