African Chess Lounge launches Online Chess League

In a first for South Africa and probably on the continent as well African Chess Lounge has launched the first Online Chess League. This league is scheduled to kick off in the second term of 2017 on 1 May.

The league tournament will feature the best chess 100 schools in South Africa without the traditional barrier of distance. The issue of distance is a huge challenge in some of South Africa’s provinces like Northern Cape where the nearest town can sometimes be hundreds of kilometres away. The format for the league will be a 7 round Swiss format where pairings will be generated after each round.

African Chess Lounge, whose motto is Uplifting Communities Through Chess, is not resting on its laurels after its previous milestones in the chess world. The company has been working hard to make this online chess league possible for the past few years and now they have a platform with the capabilities and functionality to do this. The school only needs 5 computers connected to the internet to take part.

What does this Online Chess League really mean for schools, parents and players alike?

The challenges of traveling and getting approval for students to go to another school for chess matches is a thing of the past.

The school now has a chance to take part weekly in a strong chess league without having to go to distant locations.

Parents don’t have to accompany students which puts an extra strain for some of these kids to take part if the parent cannot get off from work. The student can take part in the comfort of their school.

Marrying technology with a constructive mental game can only benefit the kids since they are spending time on these tools already.That is not all. Taking part in the league comes with its own benefits.

A chance to win other things

Schools stand a chance to win a number of things as well. There is a chance to win a a full chess kit for the school chess club, training material and software for the school chess club and go on Special Training workshops for the school by an international trainer. In addition to that there are also individual prizes and Team Prizes.

There is chance for popularity and prestige for the school as results will be published in mainstream media and news, alongside other social media platforms.

Progress of the league will be distributed in a newsletter to all schools distributed by ACL.

There will also be an opportunity to practice the team in readiness for other special tournaments the school will participate in.

Financial costs involved

The total participation fees per term, per team of 5 players will be R 1000 breaking down to R 200 per player.  If the school wants to register two teams it would indicate it would like to do so. 5 players will play per match on the platform and they can be any 1 of the registered players.

If you need further information, please do not hesitate to contact African Chess Lounge via Alternatively contact the Communications Executive Secretary at ACL on


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