Africa Elite Grand Prix Arena II

The final standings in the aftermath


Event: Africa Elite Grand Prix Arena II 2018

Time Control: 3+0

Duration: 90 Minutes


Winner: IM Odion Aikhoje (odirovski)

Points: 39

Date: 8th July, 2018.

Tournament Link:

Numbers of Participants: 36 Players, Over 20 Titled Players.


The second edition of the rebranded Africa Elite Grand Prix Arena, 2018 indeed lived up to expectations, as it was a true battleground worthy of its hype.

Pre Move:

Though we could not get in the Grandmasters as promised due to their busy schedule, a guest International Master was invited from South Africa, and most participants did not know his handle or identity, to even create a tense atmosphere going into the games.

The Opening

The first win of the night came in a 16 moves miniature in a game between @bunker11 (Nigeria) and @guntriga (South Africa).

@Guntriga could not find the right handle to fire his gun and had to surrender to the superior firepower of @bunker11 who takes pride in holding his victims in his ‘bunker’ until they suffocate and give up.

Game Here:

@Bunker slept on this victory and raked up series of disappointing performance for the night, ending up a distant 27th position.

FM Douglas Munenga (@endgamegenious) of Zambia, a top three (3) finisher at the previous edition, made a quick claim on victory in his first game of the night also.

In a French defence , the FM went into a flurry of attack on his opponents queen-side castled king, but it was easily thwarted by his opponent the Mozambican Lichess top rated Vasco Vageiro, who emerged with a 2.7 advantage, but lost on time.

Game Here:

The Middle Game

A lot of Claimants to the top 10 last week made a strong come back to retain their top Position.

The Mozambique duo of Vasco Vageiro (Vvageiro) and CM Donaldo Paiva (@Moztiger), improved on their last week performance of 8th and 9th positions respectively, to end at 5th and 6th positions this week.

FM Donaldo Paiva (@Moztiger). Picture Courtesy: Dr Daaim Shabbaz

@Vvageiro was the fiercest of the duo. Making decent wins against some of the tournaments favorites.

His best win of the night was against the 2347 rated @endgamegenious, where he handled a dangerously played Nadjorf Variation of the Sicillian defence quite well, and had a Knight d2 mate on the 34th move, as a reward for his daring play.

Game Here:

For Moztiger, his approach was to have a high turnover of games, in other to increase his points tally.

This paid off, as he had some success against higher rated elite players.

He was able to best the highly rated FM Wanyama (@wanyaland) twice in the course of the tournament.

Game Here:

The Chess ‘Mercenary” from South Africa, International Master (IM) Van Rensburg @firebullet wasted no time in unfolding himself in the Arena, as he inflicted pain on those paired against him.

IM Daniel Jere v IM Van Rensburg @Firebullet. Picture Courtesy: Dr Daaim Shabbaz

With Superior Firepower, the IM from South Africa ‘gunned’ down players paired against him in ruthless manner.

His few loses were to @Tactinhos2900, @Odirovski, @Thabov and @Grandmasterbomo.

His win against @Skydeborov on the black side of the Trompowsky attack was his highest scalp for the night.

Game Here:

The fast finger IM took no time in settling for the second position behind the eventual winner, who led for most of the tournament and eventually won.

Finishing on same points, in third and fourth place respectively are @Tactinhos2900 and @Skydeborov, who was the winner of last week’s edition.

Prince Daniel Mulenga (@Tactinhos2900)

Both Players chalked up thirty (30) points, but with @tactinhos2900 who played more games and slightly higher performance picked up the third position.

@Tactinhos2900 had a relieving solitary win over @Odirovski in the night, to top the high flying IM from continuing hi unbeaten run.

In a Kingside Fianchetto Variation of the Zukertort Opening, @odirovski missed a Knight b5 check on move forty six (46), to hand the Zambian a victory that was sure at that point, but was held till the 68th move by the resourceful IM.

@Skydeborov starting off on a losing streak to @odirovski and @firebullet in his first two games of the night, rallied round from the rear, picking up three (3) wins off Nigerians best Chess Players in IM @Odirovski, FM @Grandmasterbomo and IM @Micfel at the home run to finish up with thirty (30) points.

Completing the top 10 are @Gupta_Approach, the  Nigerian duo of IM @Stuffings, FM@beastoflagos and FM @Endgamegeniuous from Zambia.

The rampaging IM Odion Aikhoje (@odirovski), tired out towards the end of the tournament allowing a rather cheeky win by @skydeborov, in a revenge match.

With @skydeborov on the white side of the Trompowsky attack, the black king was made to dance naked.

@skydeborov acceded to an early attack on his queen side to make a quick attack on the black king.

Game Here:

Another intriguing play towards the end of the tournament was a plan by @Gupta_approach on @odirovski.

The very fast rising South African Chess Prodigy, ‘lured’ the IM to a chess bullet realm, which is a forte he so much relishes, by berserking the IM and the IM responded by a counter push of the berserk button.

Keith Khumalo (@Gupta_approach) to the left of GM Hikaru Nakamura.
Picture Courtesy: Lennart Oates

In a Zukertort opening of the Sicillian Invitation, the already tired IM could not keep up with the speed of the youngster and missed a Knight fork on the King and Queen on 34th move, to gift away the game.

Game Here:

@Odirovski had to resort to his early huge gap to clinch the tournament, as his last 3 loses gave his closest contestant @firebullet a chance to close the over eleven (11) points gap.

IM Odion Aikhoje. Picture Courtesy:

In style and class, reminiscent of IM Odion Aikhoje’s 1998 Olympiad gold winning stride, the IM conquered Africa’s chess elite once again.

It was a Night where there was no Prisoners kept. It is either you ‘kill’ or get ‘killed’.

Congrats to ‘King’ Odirovski for adding yet another event win.

Tournament Summary showed:

Average Rating:  2221

Games Played:    239

Moves Played:    19,473

White Wins:        40%

Black Wins:         52%

Draw:                   8%

Berserk rate        10%

Once Again, the players on the Black side of the board won more games than the players with the white pieces.

The Berserk rate also increased slightly from 8% -10% as the elites became more desperate for points.

At Africa Chess we are working hard to see every other edition becoming more competitive and with more participation from Africa’s best, thanks to the partnership with Avantiline.

Avantiline Design Limited

Do stay close to our channels for the report of the next edition.

Below is the list of the top ten (10) finishers of the tournament and the countries they represent and the Leaderboard o far:

Africa Elite Grand Prix Arena  Top Ten (10)

  1. Odirovski                            Nigeria                          39 Points
  2. Firebullet                            South Africa                  33 Points
  3. Tactinhos2900                    Zambia                          30 Points
  4. Skydeborov                        Nigeria                          30 Points
  5. Vviageiro                            Mozambique                 29 Points
  6. Moztiger                            Mozambique                 28 Points
  7. Gupta_Approach                South Africa                   27 Points
  8. Beast of Lagos                    Nigeria                            25 Points
  9. Stuffings                             Nigeria                           24 Points
  10. Endgamegenious           Zambia                          24 Points


Africa Elite Grand Prix Arena Leaderboard

 Name                        Grand Prix I            Grand Prix II                Total

  1. Odirovski                          31                          39                             70
  2. Skyedeborov                    39                          30                             69
  3. Gupta_Approach2280      30                          27                             57
  4. Endgamegenius               32                          24                             56
  5. CM Candychessmaster     31                          23                             54
  6. Vviageiro                          25                          29                             54
  7. Moztiger                           23                          28                             51
  8. Stuffings                           26                          24                             50
  9. FM Wanyaland                 18                           24                             42
  10. Adminbrucefan                 37                          0                               37


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