Africa Chess News and updates Whatsapp group launched

A prolific chess writer known, the Chess Zealot also known as Douglas Mwale has launched a Whatsapp group called Africa Chess News updates. The Chess Zealot is already well known in African Chess circles on social media for his detailed and insightful profiles of chess players across the continent. He has now taken things up a level by helping to create a diverse group of chess fans and players who have at least two things in common, chess and Africa.

The group draws its membership from chess players and fans across the continent. As the name says the group is there to serve and provide news on chess in Africa and so far there has already been a great deal of news shared from different parts of Africa. Ideally every single country on the continent should have a representative in the group.

The group was formed just in time for the 42nd Chess Olympiad in Baku, Azerbaijan.  There is a great deal of excitement in the group about the prospects of the African teams. Which country is going to be the best African team over the course of two weeks in the former Soviet nationalist republic? From what we have seen on social media those who in Baku are very impressed by what they have seen so far.

It appears that Baku is the largest Olympiad ever with at least 176 countries. These are incredible times for the game of chess.

You can follow @bakuchessol2016 and track #BakuChess on Twitter on social media for updates.

Baku Chess Olympiad main Twitter account
Baku Chess Olympiad main Twitter account

Putting African Chess on the map
We certainly need to put African Chess on the the map. There is a great deal of not only talent but passion on the continent. The Chess Zealot weighed in by saying that it was our duty brothers and sisters to get African chess on the map.

Over the years people like Dr Daaimm Shabazz have played a big role in promoting chess in Africa. In a recent article entitled The Africans Are Coming Dr Shabazz discussed the prospects of African countries at the Olympiad and warned that they should not be underestimated at all. In past Olympiads African players have been known to claim Grandmaster scalps over the course of the tournament.

To the Chess Zealot and team thank you and keep up the excellent work. Let’s put African Chess on the map. There’s much work to be done!

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