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How to Be Featured on Africa Chess

We have 3 types of chess interviews for you, pick one. Choose the one that applies to you!

Interview for Chess players

Interview for Chess parents

Interview for Chess admins

Share your chess story if you would like to be featured on this website so that you can inspire future generations of African Chess Players. You don’t have to be an active chess player!  Please respond to the questions below with as much detail as you can. If you have pictures as well from your chess days please do send a few as well.

At the bottom, please provide any links to  your company information, Twitter, Facebook page, or anything that you may want us to highlight about you. This could be a book you wrote or the website for the company you started.

 Email your  answers to   (Please feel free to add any additional information not covered by the questions.)

1. Your Name:
2. Company/ Name of Business:
3. Where are you based, city and country?
4. What do you do [profession]?
5. When did you start playing chess and how did you did playing?
6. How has chess impacted your life?
7. Which of the two first moves do you prefer, e4 or d4?
8. Which is your favourite piece on the chess board and why?
9. What do you regard as your 3 greatest achievements in chess?
10. Who is your favourite chess player and why?
11. Its been said that a chess player’s personality is mirrored or reflected by their chess style (positional, tactical, strategic). What are your thoughts on this?
12. Name 2 chess players you admire in Africa and why?
13. What do you think is the right age to start playing chess and why?
14. Do you still take part in tournaments and if so, how often?
15. Why would you encourage anyone to take up chess?
16. In your opinion should Chess be made an Olympic sport and why?
17. How would you best describe your chess style?
18. How do you keep sharp in chess?
19. How would you like to be remembered as a chess player?
20. What do you think about the impact of computers of chess in Africa
21. What do you think it will take for Africa to have a world chess champion?

NB – We reserve the right not to publish any stories submitted to us. 

2 thoughts on “Share your Chess Story

  • December 26, 2013 at 6:38 pm

    I started chess this year in my school. I also introduce chess to other schools around. We organised friendly games. I also started Harding Chess Club. I still wish evry ward under Umuziwabantu Municipality to have a Chess Team with enough chess sets. Every school to play chess. Your support can help me achieve this goal. Some players participated in the SAJCC 2013 and in the JZChess Open Tournament. I wish that all schools under UGU District to have chess players and have some of them in the team of South Africa.


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