This is a round-up of the Avantiline-Africa Chess Elite Grand Prix Arena for December, 2018.

The last in the series of Grand Prix that has run consistently over the months in the Year thanks to our ever-present sponsor, Avantiline Design Ltd, Nigeria.

The winner for the Final edition for 2018 is Africa’s best Chess Player, Grand Master(GM) Bassem Amin.

Time Control: 3+0

Duration: 90 Minutes

Venue: Lichess.org

Duration:  December, 2018.


1.GM  Bassem Amin(@Dr-BassemAmin)

Points: 162



2.IM Aikhoje Odion (@Odirovski)


Country: Nigeria


3.IM Silva David(@Elmaestrods)




Avantiline Design Ltd(Sponsor) and Africa Chess Pty the Organizer of the weekly Africa Grand Prix Arena has made every Sunday night what Chess players across Africa look forward to.

The players use the opportunity to prove their mettle against the best players across Africa while the Spectators use the opportunity to watch their Africa Chess ‘Idols’ play the game they so much love.

For the final month of 2018, Africa’s brightest chess star Grand Master Bassem Amin (@Dr-Bassem-Amin) of Egypt won the Grand Prix.

The Super GM who participated in the just concluded King Salman FIDE World Blitz and Rapid Championship in Petersburg, Russia couldn’t play in the last week of the event but the points he accrued in the Previous Grand Prix for the month helped him to consolidate his top Position.

In Second Place is IM Odion Aikhoje(@Odirovski) from Nigeria.

The ‘most Consistent’ winner of the Grand Prix for the year 2018 was hot on the heels of GM Bassem Amin but was 11 points short of the number one position.  

The third position was occupied by the Angolan Chess Sensation, International Master David Silva.

Playing from France, the IM raked in valuable points in the few weeks he participated in the grand Prix.

He ended the month with 145 Points to edge out Grand Master Hesham from the top 3 position.

Below Table is the list of Top 10 Players

1 Dr-BassemAmin 162 4 Egypt
2 Odirovski 151 4 NIGERIA
3 Elmaestrods 145 3 Angola
4 Hesham_a 134 4 Egypt
5 Dabee 132 5 Nigeria
6 Hima_Saber80 124 4 Egypt
7 Hapaku_Begins 82 3 Zambia
8 Wanyaland 80 4 UGANDA
9 Babayemi 76 5 NIGERIA
10 Marko_fardy 75 4 Egypt

All the Top 10 has won themselves $10 worth of Bitcoins for their effort courtesy our sole sponsor, Avantiline Design Limited.

The December edition has two Grand Masters in Participation, many International Masters, FIDE Masters and other strong titled and untitled African Chess Players.

From Testimonies from Players and spectators, the 2018 Avantiline-Africa Chess Grand Prix has helped improve the chess of many African players.

Some players also had the rare opportunity of playing against GM Bassem Amin.

In one of such opportunities, Candidate Master (CM) Petros Mfune (@King Razor) from Malawi had a win against Grand Master Bassem Amin that he’s probably gonna relish for a while.

There were also discoveries of Chess Prodigies like Keith Khumalo (Gupta_Approach) from South Africa, Roy Mwadzura (Jesselroy) from Zimbabwe e.t.c.

Above all, this event has fostered the spirit of togetherness in Africans as more countries from Africa are joining the Grand Prix which is billed to be the biggest continental online Grand Prix in the new year.

We at Africa Chess Pty promises more exciting time for our esteemed followers.

The Grand Prix will be going on a short Holiday to properly re-position for the New Year.

Our sincere appreciation goes to our ever faithful Sponsor Avantline Design Ltd for staying true to us.

Avantliline Design Ltd is a top notch Architectural and Construction Company based in Lagos, Nigeria.

They provide consultancy services and can deploy their expertise in any part of the world.

They are also into the promotion of Sports as their Corporate Social Responsibilities.

Wishing our esteemed readers a Happy new year.

May we record more victories on board and off board in the New Year.

Thank You.

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