Africa Elite Grand Prix Arena Report – September 2018

There was a good deal of chess in September which some players used as preparation for the Chess Olympiad in Batumi, Georgia. Here is a report of the Africa Chess Elite Grand Prix for the month of September.


Event: Africa Grand Prix Elite Arena for September, 2018

Time Control: 3+0

Duration: 90 Minutes


Duration:  September, 2018.

Numbers of Participants: 178 Players, Over 59 Titled Players.


1. FM Adebayo Adegboyega (@Dabee)

Points: 173

Country: Nigeria

Prize: $120 + $10 Worth of Bitcoins.

2.   GM Bassem Amin (@Dr-Bassem-Amin)

Points: 170

Country:  Egypt

Prize: $80 + Extra $10 worth of Bitcoins

3. IM Odion Aikhoje(@Odirovski)

Points: 150

Country: Nigeria

Prize: $40 +$10 Worth of Bitcoins.

The renamed Avantiline –Africa Chess Elite Arena Grand Prix for the month of Septemeber, 2018 scored many positives.

Firstly, the name of the Arena was rebranded to reflect the name of the sole sponsor of the Event, Avantiline Design Ltd based in Lagos Nigeria.

Secondly, the sponsor were spurred to increase the Prize Funds with Extra $10 Bitcoins added to the prizes of the Top three (3) finishers of the Grand Prix and $10 worth of Bitcoins to the Top 10 thereby expanding the Prize list for October.

Thirdly, we have Two Grandmasters participating in the event, which would most likely increase this month as others are billed to join in the fun created by Avantiline Design Limited.

One of this Grandmaster (GM) is Africa’s best Chess Player, GM Bassem Amin (Egypt), who just led the Egyptian OPENS Team to a sterling Performance at the 43rd Chess Olympiad at Batumi, Georgia.

The GM participated in most of the weekly events to assess his readiness for the global chess event, and it showed when he finished the Olympiad unbeaten in 11 round of games.

He was sure to win the Grand Prize for the month after participating for 4 weeks but getting into the top 10 in 3 weeks, and his preparation for the all important Team match against Team India a day after the Online Grand Prix could not make him participate for the final day and therefore ending on second position.

What he lost in the Online Grand Prix, was however gained over the board as he drew the world renowned Super GM Viswanathan Anand, the day after.

@IM Odirovski (Nigeria), was billed to come top with the absence of the Egyptian on the final day but his commitment to an Over the Board (OTB) tournament in his country, Nigeria, made him unable to get the required environment and fortitude to earn the needed points for the overall win, which he did in last month’s edition.

He ended up in Third Position.

@FM Dabee(Nigeria) was the surprise beneficiary of the day.

The Lichess top 10 Blitz player has not had his day in the sun at the Avantiline –Africa Chess Elite Arena and was giving it all to make the top position for the very first time.

With this in mind, he gave it all he could muster and rallied a total of 53 points on the night to become the eventual winner of the 5 week event.

@Dabee was literarily on fire on the Night and posted so many superlative performances to confirm his place on the log.

For the night, he only lost two games for the night;

His first loss was to his countryman @kikosem.

It was his very first game for the night.

It was a game in which the Trompowsky attack failed @Dabee.

But Kudos should be given to his opponent @Kikosem for his beautiful sac on Nf3 on move 17 to tilt the result in his favor.

See Game Here:

@Dabee’s night was however filled with brilliant play for the Semi-Retired Fide Master.

His biggest win was against @Elmaestrods who was breathing down his neck for the Top position.

Game Here:

Other notable mention for the night is the tenacious play by IM David Silva who despite the poor network he had playing from Batumi, Georgia still came second.

@Gupta_Approach surfaces in the top 3 as he had a very good night on the Final week of the Grand Prix Arena.

The Top 10 players for the month of September are listed below. Starting from this October, Avantiline is giving out $10 in Cryptocurrency to the top ten players after the Grand Prix ends.


This extra incentive will spur more players to participate and give their best.

The October edition promises to be even tougher as the good showing put up by Africa Chess Media our sister company at the just concluded 43rd Chess Olympiad will ensure the participation of more top Africa best Chess Players in our events.

Our sincere appreciation goes to our ever faithful Sponsor Avantline Design Ltd for staying true to us.

Avantliline Design Ltd is a top notch Architectural and Construction Company based in Lagos, Nigeria.

They also provide consultancy services and can deploy their expertise in any part of the world.

Our biggest appreciation also goes to our esteemed members that took out their time to watch the exhilarating games played throughout the events.

Thank You.

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  1. Excelllent….the extra prizes should attract more top players who understands the intricacies of bitcoin

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