Cawdery, Frick and Mafanya the winners at SA Closed 2015

Top seed International Master (IM) Daniel Cawdery fully lived up to expectations when he won the South African Closed Chess

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Round 8 at the SA Closed Chess 2015, Results, games and ranking #SAClosed 2015

Below are the results from the Round 8 games following by the updated table of the players for each section.

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Quick review of game from SA Closed by a Patzer #SAClosed2015

Below are my thoughts and the quick analysis from Stockfish 6 of a game played at the SA Closed. The

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Replay games from the SA Closed Chess Championships, Rounds 1 to 6

Relive the action and drama from the South African Closed Chess Championships, Rounds 1 to 6.

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SA Closed Chess Championships 2015 start on 12 December! #SAClosed2015

The most prestigious chess tournaments on the South African  calendar will be starting on 12 December and will end on

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